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Purple - Blue Gradient

Building the San José of tomorrow.

In the urban heart of Silicon Valley, San José City Hall must embody the innovation of the communities we serve – it’s what our residents expect. We also have to do more with less as the most understaffed big city government in America. But the public sector status quo is a weight: challenging it requires a scrappy team of outsiders to inspire – and institutionalize – new ways of thinking and doing.   

To accomplish his goal of making San José the most innovative city in the US, Mayor Sam Liccardo assembled MOTI, the Mayor’s Office of Technology and Innovation, to leverage best-in-class ideas, talent, and resources through public-private partnerships and pilots to tackle the most pressing issues facing San José.

300,000 residents

... to be connected to free community wi-fi in East San José by the end of 2022. $1M in grants to community organizations focused on bringing digital skills and access to our neediest 4,000 families.

30+ products and pilots

... launched to improve police transparency, pandemic response, pedestrian safety, mental health, and autonomous vehicles planning, et al.

100+ STEM talents

... engaged to tackle City's tech challenges from SJSU, Harvard, Stanford, and — with ~90% externally funded by partners like Coding it Forward


Purple - Blue Gradient

MOTI Alumni

Shireen Santosham (founder), Jordan Sun, Carolyn Wu, Kaylana Mueller-Hsia, Joy Hsu, Christine Keung, David Albán Hidalgo, Apoorva Pasricha, Julia Chen, Vicki Sun, Patricia Wei, Kunwarpreet Singh Behar, Justin Mata, Flor Sario, Beatriz Aldereguia Pons, Christopher Maximos, Kevin Li, Kin-Yip Chien, Yvonne Tram, Hannah Chu, Chithra Anand, Sophia Lugo, Athena Shiravi, Chen Huang, Edward Huang, Jessica Seamands, Nikita Kalje, Karina Chen, Insha Momin, Jasen Lo, Cici Tran, Vivian Nguyen, Clayton Summit, Fengling Zhou, Edwin Zhang, Kevin Shaw, Saritha Podali, Ramya Ravichandran, David Kastelman, Zhanat Seitkuzhin            

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